How’s this for a quandary: There is a new brand of shorts coming to market that may help improve a man’s sexual performance.

However, even if they work, they are ugly enough that they may make some potential partners decide against having sex with you.

The boner-building biker-style shorts are the creation of VylyV (vill-live), a start-up that plans to raise funds soon via Kickstarter.

The shorts supposedly work by recording your movements throughout the day and sending that info to an app that designs workout plans and guidelines to improve your pelvic floor muscles doing butt-squeezing kegel exercises.

And, yes, men can benefit from doing kegels, too.

Strengthening those muscles improves blood flow to the sex organs, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Not sure what that means? The makers of the product hope you’ll get the hint from this subtle and tasteful shot of a fizzy soda bottle.

Of course, not everybody thinks these undies will turn you into a porn star in the bedroom.

Dr. Paul Turek, a board-certified urologist with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, says the claims made by the shorts’ manufacturer are “dubious science at best.”

“There is a relationship between pelvic muscles and incontinence, but there’s no evidence of a clear benefit between strong pelvic muscles and strong erections,” he told HuffPost.