Here are most beautiful photos from the Open contest and the National Awards.

In the lead-up to its April awards ceremony in London, Nearly 320,000 photos on the most varied issues and with the most diverse styles have been submitted to the eleventh edition of one of the world’s most important and heterogeneous pho to contests – the Sony World Photography Awards has announced the 10 winners of the Open Competition categories, as well as National Award winners. Selected by an expert panel, the winners of the Open Competition represent the best single images in categories like Portraiture, Street Photography, Architecture, Wildlife, and Travel.

Pulling from the 2018 shortlist, judges had the formidable task of narrowing down the field from a pool of talented amateur photographers. The results show an incredible diversity in the style and talent that makes photography a unique artistic format. “In choosing the winners, the images all had to have something special—whether it be composition, impact, skill, a portrayal of a unique event or informing in a new way,” shared Zelda Cheatle, chair of the Open Competition jury. “Above all else, each winner had to be an exceptional photograph.”

For Nick Dolding, a UK-based advertising photographer who won the Open Portraiture category for his cinematic portrait of a man named Emile, the competition has given him an added boost. “I’ve shot for lots of major brands in the studio and on location but I’m still hungry and have never lost the bug,” he shared. “The success in the competition has just spurred me on again not that I really needed that much encouragement, it’s just fantastic to be appreciated and in such great company.”

In addition to the Open Competition winners, 63 photographs were selected for National Awards, highlighting the best single photograph from a given country. With a record number of entries in the 2018 contest, the National Awards demonstrate the quality of work that was submitted from around the world. From the Philippines and Nepal to Romania and South Africa, the photographs are a vision into global life.
In the build-up to that date, the winners of the Open categories have been announced, with several non-professional photographers among the winners.

Architecture: Andreas Pohl, The Man and the Mysterious Tower
Culture: Panos Skordas, Young Minotaur
Enhanced: Klaus Lenzen, Every Breath you Take
Landscape & Nature: Veselin Atanasov, Early Autumn
Motion: Fajar Kristianto, The Highest Platform
Portraiture: Nick Dolding, Emile
Still Life: Richard Frishman, Sunday Buffet at Jerry Mikeska’s BBQ; Columbus, Texas 2017
Street Photography: Manuel Armenis, Old Friends
Travel: Mikkel Beiter, Shapes of Lofoten
Wildlife: Justuna Zduńczyk, An Unexpected Meeting

The Sony World Photography Awards announced the 10 category winners from its 2018 Open Competition.

Each category winner will receive a some tasty Sony camera kit, and will compete to win the title of Sony World Photography Awards’ Open Photographer of the Year.

The overall winner will pick up $5,000, and earn a trip to the awards ceremony in London in April. You can see more images, and learn more about the competition at the World Photography Organisation website.

Here’s the Some of winners of the Sony World Photography Awards 2018:-

1. Brendon Cremer, South Africa National Award

2. Martin Stranka, Czech Republic National Award

3. Paranyu Pithayarungsarit, Thailand National Award

4. Suphakaln Wongcompune, Thailand National Award

5.Kyaw Win Hlaing, Myanmar National Award,

6.Chin Boon Leng, Singapore National Award

7. Lynn Wu, Taiwan National Award

8. Wenjie Qiao, United States National Award

9. Isabelle Bacher, Austria National Award

10. Petar Sabol, Croatia National Award

11. Pedro Jarque, Peru National Award

12. Santiago Borja, Ecuador National Award

13. Min Ly, Cambodia National Award

14. Junghye Lee, South Korea National Award

15. Sylvia Michel, Switzerland National Award


The winners of the Open categories will be among the photos on show at the Sony World Photography Awards 2018 Exhibition, held at Somerset House, London.

The show opens on April 20 and runs until the May 6, with the exhibition showcasing all the winning, shortlisted (top 10) and commended (top 50) images drawn from a record-breaking 320,000 entries that have been entered from more than 200 countries.



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