Taylor Swift Revealed in Brand New write up For Elle on March 6 about she’s learned 30 life lessons in her 29 years, and one of them reveals the reason she’s very private about her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

30 Life Lessons

Taylor Swift, 29, has a very good reason for keeping her romance Private with Joe Alwyn, 28, her boyfriend of two years, under wraps. The singer released a piece she wrote for Elle on Mar. 6, that reveals 30 life lessons she’s learned before she turns 30 in Dec., and in it, she revealed why she’s been so private about her current love relationship this time around.

Taylor Swift, Opened Up, Why She's, Private, About, relationship, boyfriend, Joe Alwyn

“For too long, the projected opinions of strangers affected how I viewed my relationships,” Taylor wrote, elaborating on her eighth lesson of learning not to let outside opinions affect the value she places on her own life choices.

“Whether it was the general internet consensus of who would be right for me, or what they thought was ‘couples goals’ based on a picture I posted on Instagram.

That stuff isn’t real. For an approval seeker like me, it was an important lesson for me to learn to have my OWN value system of what I actually want.”

Decision on fake Stuff

Taylors decision to take that fake stuff off of Instagram is apparent considering she disabled comments, and now all you will find on her page nowadays are pictures that either promote her music and/or a project she’s doing, or of her beloved cats, Meredith and Olivia. Although she and Joe are sometimes spotted in public at events or private outings, such as going on hikes, they have never shared a pic of themselves together on social media.

Taylor Swift, Opened Up, Why She's, Private, About, relationship, boyfriend, Joe Alwyn

Before Taylor started dating Joe, she had a relationship with Calvin Harris, 35, that lasted just over a year. from 2015-2016, and it turned out to be her most public. The “Delicate” singer posted various pics and videos of herself hanging out with the Scottish DJ and her friends even praised the relationship on more than once occasion.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn love Story are one of the biggest mysteries about when they actually started dating, because as we know they are private about their romance. While first news of their relationship come out in May 2017, they had actually been seeing each other months before that.

When Taylor Met Joe (2016)

Reportedly, Taylor met Joe in May 2016 when she was still with Calvin Harris. While she began dating Tom Hiddleston, but after a few months the two eventually called it quits in September 2016, and that November she was spotted attending a screening of Joe’s film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

Now the question is that When did Taylor and Joe really start dating? Well, In her songs, Taylor might have given us a clue.

Taylor Swift, Opened Up, Why She's, Private, About, relationship, boyfriend, Joe Alwyn

In April, Taylor released a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire’s hit 1978 song “September” for the Spotify Singles series. While the stripped-down version was a complete 180 from the soul classic, it also featured a tweak from the original lyrics.

In the original song, the band sings, “Do you remember the 21st night of September?” but in Taylor’s version, she sings, “Do you remember The 28th night of September?” Hmm. Seeing that Taylor and Tom called it quits in early September 2016, it could be possible that the lyric is actually referencing Taylor and Joe’s anniversary on Sept. 28.

While we may never know for sure, we can at least appreciate all the incredible songs that their romance has inspired.

Since Taylor and her current beau, Joe’s relationship seems to have lasting power at over two years, we’d say going the private route is the key to keeping things as healthy as possible. We’re so happy the talented songwriter has been living her personal life on her own terms and learning many things in the process!

“Taylor Swift Opened Up Why She’s Private About her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn”



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