Taylor Swift is already breaking records with her upcoming album, Lover!

Swift’s upcoming Lover album has broken the record for most ‘pre-added albums’ by a female artist on Apple Music. So Taylor Swift‘s new album isn’t out until August, but it’s already setting records.

Pre-adds are Apple’s unique lingo for pre-orders of a streaming music album.


Record-Breaking album

Swift’s album achieves 178,600 pre-adds worldwide on the first day of availability. And It scores nearly 179,000, starting June 13th. And The album breaks the previous record held by Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next.

Since pre-adds opened on the platform. Lover’s number of pre-adds continues to grow. Swift’s seventh studio album up to 222,400 pre-adds worldwide. At the time of writing and is increasing exponentially.

Lover will release globally on August 23rd. So there’s plenty of time to push that number above 500k or even one million.

Back to the definition: a single ‘pre-add’ occurs. When an Apple Music subscriber registers their interest in a full album ahead of release. This happens when a user schedules the album’s arrival on their account.

Billie Eilish racked up over 800,000 pre-adds in one week ahead of her debut album. When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?. That release broke the all-time pre-add record for Apple Music at the time.

Will Taylor Swift manage to shatter Eilish’s record? She’s got nearly two months to do so.


Apple says it still emphasizes the value of albums. As a storytelling tool for artists to create context around their music.

“Pre-adds are great early indicators of engagement around an artist . and the intention of the fans. To actively pre-add an album, much like the pre-order we invented with iTunes.

means that the fan is excited about the content . and wants to be among the first to enjoy it the moment its available. That kind of engagement is very valuable to an artist and to us.”

Last week Taylor Swift drops her new single, “You Need To Calm Down” to celebrate Pride Month. Swift gave a shout-out to LGBT-friendly organization GLAAD, which cause a spike in donations for the organization.


According to Apple Music, Lover is the most pre-add album. By a female artist on its first day ever on the streaming platform. So It scores nearly 179,000 pre-adds worldwide. Breaking a previous record set by Ariana Grande’s most recent album, thank u, next.

The Lover has also set the record for the most pre-add pop album on its first day worldwide.


Lover officially opens for pre-adds on June 13. Since then, it’s score a total of just over 222,400 pre-adds worldwide. It’s due out August 23.

Meanwhile, E! Online points out that, among the many blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. So In Taylor’s new video for “You Need to Calm Down” is a shot that comes about a minute. And 26 seconds into the clip. So You can see protesters marching in a circle next. To a trailer that has the word “Hillcrest” written on it.

Notes that the San Diego Pride Parade will be taking place on July 13. And it will start at a place called “Hillcrest Pride Flag.” Since “13” is Taylor’s favourite number. But could she be teasing an appearance at the event?

So Another item of note in the video: The framed picture you see in the clip.  So that says “Mom, I am a rich man” is a reference to a Cher interview from 1996. Where she remembers that her mom once told her. “One day you should settle down and marry a rich man”. To which Cher replied, “Mom, I am a rich man.”




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