Taylor Swift needs us to calm down, but we just can’t!

Taylor Swift Releases her new single, “You Need to Calm Down.” At the stroke of midnight, T.Swift’s new song. Off of her upcoming seventh studio album, Lover, was released. It appears that the song is Tay’s way of calling out people who discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community.

In the catchy song she sings, “You need to calm down / you’re being too loud / and I am just like ooh ooh / you need to just stop / like can you just not step on our gowns?”

Just hours earlier, the music superstar had announced the title of her new single AND reveal the album name during an Instagram Live session.

Additionally, as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Swift also share the Lover’s release date: Aug. 23! The 29-year-old star, who loves the number 13. Noted to her fans on Instagram Live that the album will be dropping in August, which is the eighth month of the year. So, eight plus the numbers two and three (for 23), all add up to the lucky number 13!

The new album, “ME

Back in April, Swift releases the first song off her new album, “ME!,” with Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie. After dropping the music video for the track, T.Swift reveals that the album’s name appears in the visual once and could be heard in the song twice. After learning this news, many Swifties connect the dots, placing their bets on Lover. Taylor Swift Releases New Song, “You Need to Calm Down” & Announces New Album Lover, Out In August.


Swift started off her Instagram Live on Thursday afternoon by thanking her fans. Saying that she’s “so honour” by their dedication to finding album Easter eggs. Swifties had been sharing their new album theories on social media for months. And the songstress noted that many guessed the album title correctly.

While Swift’s “You Need to Calm Down” is available to listen to right now. The music video is set to premiere on Monday, June 17. T. Swift announced that the visual will premiere on Good Morning America, before debuting on YouTube shortly after.


Taylor Swift Give Reply to People Blaming Her For Instagram Crashing Is The Best Thing Ever

There’s no doubt that Taylor Swift had the internet buzzing during her Instagram Live, where she announced new music on June 13! But, when IG crashed, some fans playfully blamed her. And, her clap is too funny!

Taylor Swift‘s got jokes! After Instagram unexpectedly crash on June 13.  The same day she reveals details about her forthcoming album. Lover on IG Live fans swore it was the singer who causes the app to temporarily stop working. But, Tay, 29, wanted no part of the blame game. “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative,” she jokingly replied to fan on Tumblr, who said she “broke” Instagram. Tay added a crying laughing emoji. Taylor Swift Releases New Song, “You Need to Calm Down” & Announces New Album Lover, Out In August.

Taylor Reveals Reason of IG to Crash

Then, Taylor reveals who really caused IG to crash. In the form of hashtags, the “ME!” singer wrote, “I DID NOT BREAK THE INSTAGRAM”,” YALL BROKE THE INSTAGRAM”. And, the fan who Tay replied to found her response hilarious. “SHE CAN FIGHT ME. SHE BROKE THE INSTAGRAM. (I LOVE HER 💗💗💗)”. The fans captioned a screenshot of the exchange to Instagram, tagging Taylor.

Announces New Album Lover, Out In August

While Tay most likely wasn’t the culprit of IG’s temporary shutdown (it happens sometimes). She could have been partially to blame for any glitches in the internet sphere on Thursday. Why? She finally gave Swifties some major insight into her “romantic” seventh studio album, Lover. Which she reveals will be available on streaming services on August 23rd, 2019! But, fans won’t have to wait that long for new music.


Taylor also reveals that she will release a new single. “You Need to Calm Down” on June 14, with the music video dropping on June 17. The Grammy-winner went on to explain how her new record involves an imaginative clothing collaboration with designer, Stella McCartney. And, after seeing her colourful, glittery cover art for Lover. Swifties are sure in for a treat. Not to mention, it’s no secret that Tay enjoys sequins!


The singer released her new single, “You Need to Calm Down,” on Thursday night. And Swifties everywhere went wild for the track.

In the upbeat single, Swift rails against social media haters and internet feuds. While at the same time seemingly throwing a little shade of her own with the lyric, “Snakes and stones never broke my bones.”

However, it ultimately feels like a rallying cry for civility in an age of rage and trolling. All set to a catchy beat that will likely make it a favourite for radio play.

Swift also released a video where she explains the background behind her new single. “I’ve observed a lot of different people in our society who put so much energy. And effort into negativity. And made me feel like, ‘you need to just calm down,'” Swift reflected. “‘You’re stressing yourself out. This seems like it’s more about you than that you’re going off about.'”

The song is the second single off of Swift’s upcoming album, Lover, which she officially announced earlier in the day after months of fan speculation.


“There’s a lot that I’ve been so excited about for so long and I just want to wait for the right time to tell you things,” the singer told fans on Instagram Live. “I’ve been so, so, so honoured by your dedication to discovering Easter eggs. The fact that you care about that still astonishes me.”

Seventh studio

Of her seventh studio offering, which drops on Aug. 23. Swift tease that the album — which will include 18 tracks. And a slew of special perks available on four unique Target editions — is “very romantic.” “Not just simply thematic, like it’s [not] all love songs. You can find some romance in loneliness or sadness. Going through a conflict or dealing with things in your life.”

And while fans can hear the new song now. The “You Need to Calm Down” music video won’t drop until Monday, June 17, during Good Morning America.

“I wanted you to hear the song first,” Swift explain. “There’s a lot going on in the video.”

The singer’s Instagram announcement went live to hundreds of thousands of followers. And the social media platform went down shortly after she wrapped up her video. Later in the day, Swift couldn’t help but cheekily call back her feud with Kim Kardashian. When a fan on Tumblr accused her of breaking Instagram. Writing back, “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative. 😂.”



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