Taylor Swift‘s undying love for cats is no secret. The singer owns three cats. And a lot of her Instagram posts dedicates to her precious little cuddle buddies. Taking her affection to the next level, the 29-year-old singer is all set to get her cats’ names trademark. Taylor Swift wants to Trademark Her Cat Benjamin Button, Get all the details inside.

According to the court documents obtained by TMZ. The ‘ME!’ singer apply for the trademark, “Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Swift”. Benjamin Button is a recent addition to her family. The singer adopts the cat after he features in her ‘ME!’ video earlier this year.


So Talking about her love for cats, Swift will also be seen in the feature adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical ‘Cats’. She will share the screen space with Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, and Ian McKellen.


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This is Benjamin Button. He’s a good boy.

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Newest pet

Taylor Swift‘s newest pet is on the family payroll now. So get out there and start working, Benjamin Button!

Swiftees already know Taylor filed docs to trademark her first 2 cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. But she didn’t want to leave the new cat out in the cold. That’s right, she now adds BB to the squad.


So According to the new docs … Taylor’s applied for the trademark, “Meredith, Olivia & Benjamin Swift” The legal move now opens the door for Taylor to cash in on every kind of merch imaginable. Clothing and phone accessories, toys, luggage, home furnishings, key rings, arts. And crafts kits, ornaments, glassware, colouring books, magazines, etc …

You get the picture … she can now milk these cats for all they’re worth, and then some. And yes, cats have nipples. So Meredith and Olivia made their merch debuts last year. So this is old hat for those cats.


Taylor adopts Benjamin earlier this year. After they met on the set of her “ME!” music video.

Welcome to the squad, Benny.


Taylor Swift is out and about to register a trademark. No, no, it is not for her upcoming music album, not even an entrepreneurial opportunity. But She’s getting her pet cat trademark. So It is no secret that Taylor is the mother of cats.

She has three cats – Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin Swift. And she’s getting a trademark for her third cat, Benjamin Button. For the unverse, Benjamin Swift is her recent kitten. So They met on the sets of the ME! music video. The white fluffy pet with stunning blue eyes took the internet by storm. So When Taylor swiftly introduce her to the world. Word on the street is that Benjamin is getting a trademark.


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The first time I met Benji. 😻Check out the behind the scenes video on @youtube.

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Meredith, Olivia

As per a TMZ report, the 29-year-old singer applies to trademark “Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin Swift.” And Sometimes we wish were her cats. Coming back to the report. So yeah, it has been revealing that Taylor wants to trademark Benjamin. Why does it? How will it benefit Taylor? Well, if and when Taylor gets the trademark. The “You Need To Calm Down” hitmaker will open another business opportunity for the singer. Taylor Swift wants to Trademark Her Cat Benjamin Button, Get all the details inside.


So Basically, if there are merchandises featuring Benjamin on it. But Anything from clothing, phone accessories, toys, luggage, home furnishings, key rings, colouring books, magazines and more. She would get monetary benefits for it. So The trademark would help Taylor make more mullah. Because She will profit from cat-theme merchandises. So If this isn’t a purrfect deal, we’re not sure what would be. Taylor Swift wants to Trademark Her Cat Benjamin Button.

Benjamin’s siblings, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, are already a trademark. And have a slew of merchandise release under their name. So What do you think about Benjamin getting a trademark? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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