United Kingdom Witnesses Big Power Off on April 1, 2022
The Big Power Switch Off took place on April 10 to force energy firms to reduce bills.
In the United Kingdom, the cost of living continues to increase. Energy companies have announced an increase in the price of gas and electricity bills. The increased prices will empty the pockets of many people. An online protest happening across the UK. People are protesting by turning off all appliances and plunging into darkness.
Fuel prices are continuously increasing in United Kingdom
Rising gas and electricity prices are causing problems for families in UK. People are having to pay more money every month for energy. As per a recent study, gas, and electricity prices have risen by 54%. Bills such as prices for petrol and diesel, water, mobile phone bills, etc. can’t be ignored either. Undoubtedly, The people across the UK are feeling the pressure. Let us know about Big Power Switch off in detail.

What is Big Power Off?

People who want to take part need to switch off computers, phones, TVs, radios, etc.
Basicially, alll the appliances that need electricity during the blackout. It will help reduce the amount of energy used by these devices. The blackout is set for 10 pm on Sunday, with devices being turned back on from around 10.10 pm.

Why are people planning The Big Power Off in UK in 2022?

According to the Organizers, The Big Power Off is a ‘non-partisan’ protest. The main aim of this protest is to create an imbalance in the National Grid for ten-minute. The blackout is follow by everyone turning their lights and other devices back on after 10 minutes.
Many people took part in Power Off
The main aim is to force government and utility companies to take immediate action to reduce energy prices. The protest seemed to go ahead as planned. Thousands of people took part in it, and now its participants are calling for it to become a weekly event. People on their social media were posting with #TheBigPowerOff.
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