If you have one, you recognize the beard’s power to literally transform your face.

But beards also tend to grow fast, and sometimes they can be difficult to maintain. And while a rugged look is cool, what about the times when you need a more polished, groomed face, but still want to keep your facial hair?

What would our favorite bearded men look like if they had a total facial hair makeover? We would no doubt admire their perfectly shaved smooth cheeks — just like Marlon Brando’s signature style. However, some men really enjoy trendy masculine hairy looks…and so do we!

FillGap News found 16 modern actors who, despite their natural appeal, should never shave off their beards. Never.

Kit Harington

Aidan Gillen

Kristofer Hivju

Hugh Laurie

Jon Hamm

Sean Penn

Alexander Skarsgard

Michael Fassbender

Seth Rogen

Dominic Cooper

Joe Manganiello

Richard Madden

Justin Timberlake

Russell Crowe

Chuck Norris

Peter Dinklage

Preview photo credit eastnewsHBO



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