Happy Yoga Day!

Yoga is an ancient practice which brings together physical, mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind. Yoga is a form of exercise that perform through diet, breathing and physical posture. So Since five years, International Yoga Day celebrates annually. International Yoga Day is also known as World Yoga Day. Do you know the first time where and how it is celebrated? Let’s have a look!


International Yoga Day 2019: Theme  

The theme of 5th International Yoga Day 2019 is “Climate Action”. In the United Nation, it will be celebrating a day before that is on 20 June 2019 with ‘Yoga with Gurus’. And follow by a panel of discussion on 21 June.

Climate Action theme focuses on the way how yoga can help us to solve the problem of climate change. And also it brings a lot more benefits to the lives of people. It is necessary to work towards climate change. The sense of respect for mother earth overcomes regular yoga practitioners that will help people to act in a certain way at home. And the working environment to work and build a better future.


The theme of International Yoga Day 2019 is “Climate Action”.

The theme of International Yoga Day 2018 was “Yoga for Peace”.

The Theme of International Yoga Day 2017 was “Yoga For Health”.

The Theme of International Yoga Day 2016 was “Connect the Youth”.

The theme of International Yoga Day 2015 was “Yoga For Harmony And Peace”.

International Yoga Day: History

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit and means ‘to join’/to unite’. So on 11 December 2014, United Nations General Assembly declare celebrate International Yoga Day on 21st June every year by resolution 69/131.

It was declared by the call of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he addresses United Nation General Assembly on 27 September 2014. And asks for adopting 21st June as an International Yoga Day to get all the benefits of yoga to the people around the world. So No doubt in Indian history, the declaration of International Yoga Day is a great and pride moment.


So Finally, it declares on 11 December 2014 by the United Nations General Assembly. Because First time in history, it happens that the initiative of any country has been proposing. And implemented by the UN within 90 days.

Sam Kutesa, President of UN General Assembly, announces to celebrate the International Yoga Day on June 21. And more than 170 countries supported the Yoga Day proposal. From this, it came into light that people also know about the benefits of yoga. And Some of which are visible and some are invisible.

Let us tell you that the resolution was to adopt under the Global Health and Foreign Policy by the General Assembly. In order to provide an approach to health and well-being.

International Day of Yoga 2019: Celebrations in India


On 21 June International Yoga Day 2019, PM Narendra Modi will perform Yoga in Ranchi, Jharkhand with 18,000 participants. So including Chief Minister Raghubar Das, Ministers and senior officials of the state. The World Yoga Day event will celebrate at Prabhat Tara ground in the morning. People take part in a host of events across the country.


International Yoga Day: Significance

Yoga helps to maintain a balance between oneself and the environment.

– Pranayam acts as an aid to one’s health.

– Yoga brings a balance between body, soul and mind.

– It helps us to deal with several problems, worries etc.

– By regular practice of yoga, an individual can rid from health-related problems.

– Yoga promotes self-healing.

– Enhance personal power.

– Increases self-awareness

– Removes toxins from the body.

– Remove negative thoughts from the mind.

– Reduces stress and tension in the physical body.

– The person feels rejuvenated and energised.

– Yoga gives the power to control the body and mind.

–  Yoga increases flexibility.

– It improves brain function.

– Yoga helps in reducing weight.

– Lowers the risk of heart diseases etc.

Some interesting facts about Yoga


– The father of yoga is known as Maharshi Patanjali compile 195 Yoga Sutras that became the foundation of Yoga philosophy.

– Some scholars believe yoga incorporate elements from the Stone Age. So As in the Stone Age, Shamanism was prevalent and is a healing practice connect to nature. Yoga is not derived from Shamanism but the two have similar features.

– On 21 June 2015 at International Yoga day, the Indian Postal Service released a stamp for yoga which has an outline of a seated yogi with the Anjali Mudra overhead.

– Yoga originates in India and is the oldest physical disciplines. Yoga is over 5000 years old.

– Light on Yoga: Yoga Dipika is an English bestselling book written by B.K.S Iyengar.

– The world’s oldest yoga teacher is Bette Calman (85 years old) according to the Guinness World Records.



1. Practice yoga – duh!

This one’s an obvious idea, but I have to cover it.

Regardless of how much time you have, I challenge you to connect breath with movement on June 21st. Step onto your mat, onto the ground, or simply sit up taller in your office chair, and CONNECT.

Find that sweet spot where the exterior becomes fuzzy and the interior fires up…. you know that place I’m talking about, I know you do.

As a nation, as a community, as a group of collective consciousness. So we can and will raise the vibration of this world with our breath and movement. Believe in the magic of yoga, it’s there, waiting to be tap into!

2. Change your Facebook profile pic

I love this neat idea and hope you will too!

Just like people have changed their profile pics for the devastating attacks on Paris & Brussels or the celebration of same-sex marriage rights. The yoga community is offering up the same opportunity.


3. Invite a friend to yoga

Like I said above, the more the yogis in this world the better…

And the only way to increase/strengthen the community is to add to it. This is where our current yogis come into the equation.

I challenge you to invite a friend, co-worker, or anyone who’s not currently part of the yoga community to your yoga studio. An outdoor yoga class and any type of yoga event. So As we’ve all experience, breaking into the yoga community is intimidating at first.  And while we know there’s nothing to be intimate about. So it’s a natural reaction to anything foreign (especially weird shapes and bendy people).

Over the four years I’ve been practising, I’ve made it a point to consciously invite people to practice alongside me…. and not surprisingly. So These same people have now commit yogis! So please, invite anyone and everyone. Be there to soften the first time jitters, and to experience the magic that will take place….

…..that magic being – connecting back to oneself. feeling the body again or for the first time ever, and creating shapes never imagined. 

4. Give Back

This yoga to-do is my biggest focus…. yet for some reason, I rarely find myself doing it.

Giving back is a conundrum, we know suppose to do it. So the acts of it genuinely make us feel good, but when push comes to shove. So we cherish our free time and use it on ourselves.

This summer is our time yogis, let’s give back to the community. So Below are a few ideas to inspire us:

  • Lead a free yoga class in a public setting or start a local donation based class.
  • Donate your precious dollars and/or time to these amazing organizations – Africa Yoga Project, Giving Back Yoga Foundation, The Prison Yoga Project, Off the Mat, Into the World, Bent on Learning.
  • Donate your time to your local community, whatever movement or organization interests you, go do that!

5. Find an event near you

And lastly, if there’s an event celebrating International Yoga Day. For the love of yoga – to be part of it!

So Grab a friend, family member, yoga studio member, or go by yourself and participate! As I’ve said numerous times now the stronger our breath and movement are. So the more we can help change this world through our yoga practice (which is insane, but so true).

If you live in India, the mecca of all yoga events takes place. And if you live in NYC, Times Square shuts down. hosts yoga classes all damn day (so epic, I hope to be there one day).

And if there’s no event taking place in your local community. So take the initiative to start one!

Here are some quotes you can share with your friends and family to adopt this healthy lifestyle practice.

* Pranayam and asanas – A promise for a healthier and happier life. Happy International Yoga Day!

*“The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.” – Rodney Yee

* Connecting with yoga is about connecting with happiness, health, peace and prosperity.

* A healthy body promises a healthy mind and soul. Yoga for wholesome development and nourishment.

* Become friends with happiness and health with yoga and meditation. A very Happy International Yoga Day.

* Happy soul, fresh mind and healthy body. All three can achieve with yoga! Happy Yoga Day

* International Yoga Day is a reminder that we must keep our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. So before anything else and take some time out to nourish and nurture it with yoga. And Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy International Yoga Day.

No doubt the regular practice of yoga will transform and broadens the perspective of life. So It is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition which is around 5000 years old. Yoga is not only about exercise. And about various asana but also help to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature. Let us celebrate together International Yoga Day, not only practising yoga for one day but to make a part of life and for climate action.



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