There is a stereotype that women News Anchors are often bland, blank, and really quite plain. However, I have no idea where that idea stems from, seeing as how there is really nothing more attractive than a woman who marries beauty with skill and intelligence. Top 10 The World’s Most Hottest Women News Anchors 2017.

These women anchors, collectively the hottest female news anchors, have all of that- they are beautiful, stylish, intelligent, and can make any man nervous about being interrogated by them.

This is the age of strong dominant women, and as old gender stereotypes begin to fade. So people have started to value being opinionated, intelligent, and witty as essentially attractive traits. The hotness isn’t all about a pretty face anymore, that being the case these hottest news anchors in the world bring a lot more to the table. They bring a hot personality and with it boost network rating sky high. Be it MSNBC, Fox News, or CNN, they are everywhere. And they are all set to conquer the world of news and current events.

So here, they are Top 10 The World’s Most Hottest Women News Anchors 2017:-

10.  Susan Li — Bloomberg TV
9.  Robin Meade — CNN HLN
8.  Laurence Ferrari — Direct 8
7.  Megyn Kelly — Fox News
6.  Alex Wagner — MSNBC
5.  Julie Banderas — FOX News
4.  Gigi Stone — Bloomberg TV
3.  Jenna Lee — FOX News
2.  Tamron Hall — MSNBC
1. Courtney Friel — KTTV-TV Los Angeles

strong>#10.  Susan Li — Bloomberg TV


Considered, definitely, one of the hottest female news anchors, she is a graduate of the University of Toronto, and is currently a Hong-Kong based anchor. She’s also worked with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and CCTV. She is currently with Bloomberg TV, whom she joined in 2006. Top 10 The World’s Most Hottest Women News Anchors 2017.

With that, she could make her own segue into an individual program called “First Up with Susan Li” which went on to win an award as the Best News Program at the 17th Asian Television Awards 2012. In her show, she goes through market openings in Asia, before going through a comprehensive rundown of all the current events around the world. Watching her show in the morning is about all you need to be caught up on everything important that is happening around the world.

#9.  Robin Meade — CNN HLN


She was the daughter of a minister, and she managed to rise up the ranks through sheer will and determination and eventually landed a spot at CNN Headline News, one of the most coveted spots on Network TV.

She is also quite a multi-threat, having also released two country records, and landing her own show called “Morning Express with Robin Meade”. And then, most relevant to our list, being voted “Sexiest Newscaster” by Playboy!

#8.  Laurence Ferrari — Direct 8


She is a classy French Journalist, who started her career with a French News Agency, before eventually becoming an anchor at TF1 Laurence Ferrari. She is a graduate of the Sorbonne University with a Masters in ‘Communication Politique and Sociale’. Top 10 The World’s Most Hottest Women News Anchors 2017.

Ferrari is currently signed with Direct 8 and is one of the most striking female presence on TV, period. She also works for Europe 1 which is a French radio station.

#7.  Megyn Kelly — Fox News


Megyn Kelly already had a successful career under her illustrious wing before she decided to become an Anchor. She graduated from Law School and practiced for 9 years before switching course entirely, a daring feat in itself. Top 10 The World’s Most Hottest Women News Anchors 2017.

Kelly has a magnetic camera presence, she’s tough as nails, and she has an acerbic wit. Not everyone agrees with her policy positions, but everyone must agree that she is one of the toughest and sexiest women out there. She currently anchors “America Live” for Daytime FOX News. So recently gained even more notoriety for her year-long feud with Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

#6.  Alex Wagner — MSNBC

Having graduated from Brown University, she first became a reporter and editor. So then went on to being an anchor in her own rights. She was even the Editor-in-Chief for Fader.

Wagner is known to have worked for a non-profit which was founded by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle. She is currently married to the famous Chef of White House, Sam Kass. Even the Obamas attended her wedding! Her show is all politics and Washington DC and is ideal for those who follow politics deeply.

#5.  Julie Banderas — FOX News


Currently a co-host at “Fox and Friends First”, she is a graduate of Emerson College and started her career off by doing small gigs at Cambridge, Mass. She eventually made her way up the ranks going from Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and finally making it in New York.

Due to an on-air clash with Shirley-Phelps-Roper former spokeswoman for the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, she gained a lot of international media attention in 2006. She attained the anchor position of Fox in 2008 replacing Laurie Dhue.

#4.  Gigi Stone — Bloomberg TV

Top 10 The World's Most Hottest Women News Anchors 2017

BRIDGEHAMPTON, NY – AUGUST 24: TV Anchor Gigi Stone in the Ferrari Tent at Bridgehampton Polo at Two Trees Farm on August 24, 2013, in Bridgehampton, New York.

While she covers all forms of current events and breaking news stories, she specializes in media, entertainment, and the real estate market. She hosts Bloomberg Enterprise, which is a weekly examination of all the fast-rising CEOs of companies.

Before Bloomberg TV, she used to host at ABC News, where she had a variety of hosting gigs in segments such as “Good Morning America”, “Nightline”, amongst various others.

#3.  Jenna Lee — FOX News


Armed with a bachelor from the University of California at Santa Barbara. And masters from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. So Lee eventually went on to find a place for herself at Fox News.

Prior to that, she was a news anchor at Forbes. At Fox News, she co-hosts a segment called “Happening Now”, along with Jon Scott.

#2.  Tamron Hall — MSNBC

Top 10 The World's Most Hottest Women News Anchors 2017

Hall keeps quite a busy schedule for herself. Her day starts as a day-side anchor at MSNBC, after which she hosts a program called NewsNation with Tamron Hall. And later co-hosts the Today Show with the likes of Willie Geist, Roker, and Morales.

She earns quite the fame for her strong looks and flawless style. Coupled with easy grace makes her one of the hottest female news anchors. Hall seemed to always know exactly what she wanted, and her record bears that out. She graduated from Temple University, was a reporter at Dallas, before moving to Chicago. So then shifting to MSNBC as a fill-in Anchor, before landing her very own show!

#1. Courtney Friel — KTTV-TV Los Angeles

Top 10 The World's Most Hottest Women News Anchors 2017

Before landing her current gig at KTTV-TV she was a sports anchor at GoTV Mobile Television. And even made appearances in E! and Oxygen Channel.

One may even find her gracing the covers of Maxim or FHM. Although she’s at Calif right now, she’s already worked and left a network everyone sees as an end game. So that is, Fox News, where she worked for 5 years beginning 2007.

So these are some of the hottest women news anchors on TV. Do let us know whose style most appeals to you, and what do you like about them? We’d love to hear from you!

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