• HTC’s next flagship will apparently by the HTC U12+
  • The phone might sport four cameras – two at the back and two at front
  • It might bear a 6-inch 18:9 display

HTC is one of the few companies yet to release a 2018 flagship. Rumored to come in May, the U12+ is still in the rumor mill, although we saw initial leaks of the front and back of the device. We also learned some specs along with the information that the phone should arrive with a Snapdragon 845.

The latest information comes from Yahoo! Taiwan where a case render reveals the HTC U12+ from the front and the back. Apparently, the phone is going to have two cameras on the back, lined up horizontally, and two more on the front right next to the earpiece.

HTC U12+, Case , Renders, Features, Dual ,Rear, Camera, Setup, 18:9 Display

The images also suggest that HTC U12+ main camera will have a dual-LED flash and a circular fingerprint scanner below the cam setup. The front is mostly occupied by the 18:9 aspect ratio display but there will be no notch – HTC will implement a symmetrical design, similar to what Samsung is doing with its Infinity Display.

If rumors are true, the dual cameras will be 12 MP + 16 MP with one of the sensors probably being Sony IMX363, recently seen in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s. The HTC U12+ will most likely come with Android 8.0, Sense UI 10 and full Treble support.

HTC U12+, Case , Renders, Features, Dual ,Rear, Camera, Setup, 18:9 Display

  • IP68 water and dust resistance expected.
  • Liquid Surface design expected.
  • U12+ expected to come with dual-rear camera.

The HTC U12+ is rumoured to continue down the Liquid Surface path and it is also expected to be IP68 water and dust resistant. Measurements have yet to be detailed but leaked images suggest it may be slimmer than its predecessor. An all-screen front is expected again, though with slimmer bezels and the U12+ is also expected to retain the squeezable sides.

Based on the leaked images, the U12+ may change things up on the rear however. It looks like the circular fingerprint sensor will remain.

HTC U12+,  Case , Renders, Features, Dual ,Rear, Camera, Setup, 18:9 Display

  • 6-inch LCD displays.
  • Expected to have Quad HD+ resolutions.
  • 18:9 aspect ratio.

Based on the rumours, HTC will be sticking to its guns in terms of display for the U12+. Leaked specs suggest a 6-inch LCD display again with a 2880 x 1400 pixel resolution and an 18:9 aspect ratio, meaning the same 537ppi and likely the same experience.

HTC U12+,  Case , Renders, Features, Dual ,Rear, Camera, Setup, 18:9 Display

  • U12+ likely to have advanced processor.
  • U12+ thought to be coming with double storage.

The HTC U12+ is expected to arrive on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 platform with up to 6GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal memory. It is not yet clear what models will appear as there have been suggestions of a 64GB model and a 128GB model too, meaning there could be three.All models are likely to offer microSD support however and based on the leaks, a 3420mAh battery.

HTC U12+, Case , Renders, Features, Dual ,Rear, Camera, Setup, 18:9 Display

  • Dual camera systems expected
  • 12MP + 16MP expected rear Camera
  • 8MP + 8MP expected on U12+ front

The HTC U12+ is expected to come with a dual-rear camera made up of a 12-megapixel sensor and a 16-megapixel sensor. The front cameras are also claimed to be a dual setup, with two 8-megapixel sensors.

  • U12+ run on 8.0 Android Oreo with HTC Sense
  • U12+ might come with HTC Face Unlock

This runs on Android Oreo with HTC Sense over the top. HTC Sense has been trimmed back over time, offering significantly less bloatware on top of stock Android than when the interface first arrived.The U12+ will launch with Edge Sense 2.0 and also expected to launch with HTC Face Unlock feature.

There has yet to be any concrete rumours surrounding the price of the HTC U12+, though it has been claimed that the addition of the “+” is to allow the device to align up against the Samsung Galaxy S9+. If this alignment includes price, we could be looking at a £850 phone, though hopefully the price might be closer to the HTC U11+’s £700. Based on the speculation, the HTC U12+ will offer a similar but more refined design compared to the U11+, dual camera systems and a more advanced processor with more memory.




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