God of War is set to be one of the most visually impressive games on PS4. Especially so if you have a PS4 Pro. It was confirmed today that a God of War performance mode will be available on PS4 Pro.

God of War performance mode is designed for players without a 4K TV, but will also be something other PS4 Pro owners might want to try.

PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4

God of War‘s Director Cory Barlog revealed the God of War performance mode in a series of tweets responding to fan queries. When asked if players need to upgrade to PS4 Pro to get the full God of War experience, Barlog said no.

However, he did point out that God of War does look “AMAZING” in 4K. He also revealed the God of War performance mode by stating that those PS4 Pro players without a 4K TV would benefit from the mode.


Without a 4K TV, performance mode is designed to give additional power to making sure God of War runs silky smooth. We can intimate from this that the performance mode option will work to make sure the framerate is fast and smooth.

Barlog admitted that when it comes down to it, he couldn’t choose whether he prefers 4K or performance mode.

PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4

During a Q&A on Twitter Thursday, a God of War fan asked if it was necessary to upgrade to the console’s “Pro” version, which costs $100 more and features more powerful hardware than the “normal” PS4. The Pro’s biggest selling point is 4K video: On compatible televisions, you get a more detailed, crisp visual experience on the Pro than you would with the less expensive PS4.

A “performance mode” for Pro consoles means there’s an extra incentive for consumers to shell out for the upgrade, even if they don’t have a TV that supports the marquee visual features. Sony, of course, is selling a special version of the PS4 Pro that comes bundled with the game.

PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4

“So so smooth” likely refers to the game’s frame rate. Generally, 60 frames-per-second is considered ideal for gameplay, though games will often run at 30 frames-per-second. Think of it this way: Movement on your screen is really a series of images. With “60 FPS,” 60 images appear in the span of one second, resulting in basically seamless motion. If you’re paying close attention, you’d notice that “30 FPS” footage, which displays 30 images in a second, is jerkier and less lifelike.

Here’s a comparison from some recent games:

Though Barlog said the game’s “performance mode” would make God of War super-smooth, he demurred when asked if that meant it would display in 60 FPS:

… Which probably means the motion will be less than perfect, even on the most expensive PlayStation 4 hardware. Womp.

PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4

Still, chances are a lot of people will take advantage of the setting. Not many people own 4K TVs, though the number is rising. Last year, a survey from the Consumer Technology Association found that 16 percent of American households own a 4K, “ultra-high-definition” TV.

God of War launches on PS4 and will be available on 20 April 2018 in all regions.

PlayStation 4 Pro, PS4

You can pre-order your copy of God of War here from Amazon.



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