It’s very necessary to stay fit and manage weight especially for people who are in the film industry. This is important not only from the perspective of health but also to continue in the industry for long.

Ganesh Acharya is an excellent choreographer known for his dancing skills but at the same time, it was his weight which grabbed people’s attention. However, when he recently made appearances in public places, folks were simply shocked to see that he has shed so many kilos that he looks almost half of his previous size now.

Yes, that’s right! The National Award winner has lost 85 kgs in 1 year and a half! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

He shared a pic on Instagram with caption, “Hard work pays off!”


Hard work pays off !

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Here’s what he has to say about his weight loss journey,

“It was tough for me. I have been working on my body for the past one-and-a-half years. I had even put on 30-40kg for my film Hey Bro (2015), and my weight had then touched 200kg. Ab vahi weight utaar raha hoon (I am shedding that weight now).”


As per him, he was inspired for losing weight because he wanted people to see fit Ganesh Acharya. In his words,

“Karna hi tha (I had to do this)! Ek soch thi ki (I had this determination that) I just have to do this. Logon ne Ganesh Acharya ko mota hi dekha hai (people have only seen the fat Ganesh Acharya), that’s why I wanted to change the image. I have lost almost 85kg now.”

G A ?

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This miraculous transformation has naturally pleased the choreographer who already feels a difference in himself.

“I danced even when I had so much weight, but the difference between then and now is that the energy in my dance has doubled.”

Work out in London to cold but ??????????fight?

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He is also making up mind of releasing a YouTube video regarding his weight loss journey, as he says,

“I’m soon going to launch a video on YouTube that will showcase the journey of how I transformed my body.”

My luv my Sumaya happy birthday ?????

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