Here’s the Ryan Reynolda Superhero movie of Deadpool 2 new funny trailer. 20th Century Fox has released a new video recapping the events of the first Deadpool movie in advance of the sequel’s release.

Deadpool 2 introduces the video, which hits all of the major notes of the first Deadpool movie, including Wade Wilson falling for Vanessa, getting cancer, being experimented on by Ajax, Ajax kidnapping Vanessa, and Deadpool rescuing her.

While it’s good ot have the original film’s events fresh in mind, Josh Brolin, who debuts as Cable in the sequel, says the second film will be quite different from the first.

“Deadpool [2] I know is going to be very fun and funny and fresh because it’s very different from the first Deadpool,” Brolin said.

In fact, early test scores suggest Deadpool 2 is scoring even higher with audiences than the first film did. This seems to rebuke the rumors that Deadpool 2 is going through reshoots as a result of negative early testing, rumors that Brolin’s co-star Brianna Hildebrand pushed back against.

“No, it was nothing that had gone wrong,” Hildebrand told ScreenGeek. “I think it’s a common misconception too – that people think that reshoots are to fix things that people didn’t like. A lot of the time, reshoots are to add more of the things that people loved. [Filmmakers] watch their films again and are like ‘better fix that.’ I don’t know how much I can say about that.”

According to another report, the Deadpool 2 reshoots are specifically adding more of Brolin’s Cable and Zazie Beetz’ Domino after both new characters tested particularly well with audiences.

A new full-length trailer for Deadpool 2 was released last week. The trailer hints at Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) coming into conflict with Cable over the fate of a young mutant boy after Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) encourages Wade to look after the child.

Deadpool 2 opens in theaters on May 18.

Other upcoming X-Men movies include X-Men: Dark Phoenix on November 1st, The New Mutants on February 22, 2019, and Gambit on June 7, 2019. That should just be the start though since Fox is planning to release three X-Men movies a year for the next several years.



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