“How big does the conspiracy go? Uncover the truth behind the CIA, LSD, mind control…and the death of a family man.” Netflix has debuted an official trailer for a new series by legendary filmmaker Errol Morris, titled Wormwood. We’re breaking our no-television rules to feature this trailer for this six-part series on Netflix, because this is actually being released in a few theaters on the exact same day as it hits Netflix. And there’s a debating raging about whether this is a feature film or a documentary or a series, or what exactly. Officially, Wormwood is a part-documentary, part-scripted series telling the “untold true story of the CIA, LSD experiments, mind control, and the death of a family man.” Starring Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Blake Nelson, Molly Parker, Jack O’Connell, and others. This premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Strap in.

Here’s the official trailer (+ teaser & poster) for Errol Morris’ Wormwood, direct from Netflix’s YouTube:

Wormwood explores the limits of knowledge about the past and the lengths we’ll go in our search for the truth. A twisting, evolving story of one man’s sixty-year quest to identify the circumstances of his father’s mysterious death. Combining a virtuosic performance by Peter Sarsgaard with Errol Morris’ legendary interview style, Wormwood examines this case from every possible angle, bringing the viewer face-to-face with some of the United States’ darkest secrets. Wormwood is directed by veteran documentary filmmaker Errol Morris, of the docs Gates of Heaven, The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War, Fast Cheap & Out of Control, Standard Operating Procedure, They Were There, Tabloid, The Unknown Known, and The B-Side previously. The series’ screenplays are written by Steven Hathaway and Molly Rokosz. Netflix will release Wormwood streaming exclusively starting on December 15th this winter. Who’s interested in watching?




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