• WhatsApp has posted a new FAQ section
  • The section is specifically designed for WhatsApp Business users
  • It assures a secured and safe communication experience

As we all know that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and has more than 1.5 billion users. Some of them know that Facebook purchased the messaging network in 2014 and some of them may be don’t know. However, those who know that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, are bit worried about the security of their data.

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As we have reported previously, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Apparently WhatsApp has posted a new FAQ section that reassures users that their data and communications are private. It may come as no surprise that the company has slipped this on to the site, considering the public uproar over the Facebook controversy. what is especially interesting is that this addition to the FAQ has come not long after the founder of WhatsApp recommended users delete Facebook via his Twitter account. It is possible that the company worried that the founder’s tweet may link the app to the controversy and therefore got ahead of the game. In any case, the reassurance is there and can be found under the security and privacy section.

What sort of reassurance you might ask?

Well, it is worth noting that the specific section applies to business messages. WhatsApp Business allows customers to connect with businesses and its not hard to see why the data exchanged here would be important to be kept private. The notice is quick to mention that each message or call is encrypted at both ends and that no one else (including WhatsApp), can view the message. The company also mentions to be still be careful, since when using WhatsApp Business, other people at the business may still see your messages. It can be expected that more and more companies will be addressing privacy concerns as the public outcry grows louder.

WhatsApp Says WhatsApp Data is Safe

WhatsApp wrote in the post that:

We care about your privacy. All WhatsApp messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption. This ensures only you and the person you’re communicating with can read your messages or listen to your calls, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp.

In addition the company assured that in all cases WhatsApp will deliver your messages to a business end-to-end encrypted.

More importantly, when you contact a business, several people in that business might see your messages. Furthermore, some businesses using WhatsApp enterprise solution may employ another company or group to manage their communications such as, to store, read, or respond to users messages. The business has responsibility to ensure the users that it handles their messages according privacy policy.

It was very important to ensure the WhatsApp users about the privacy of their data. Because many users were not feeling comfortable with the usage of WhatsApp too after the misusage of users data by Facebook. Well, let’s hope that WhatsApp won’t exploit the users as Facebook did.



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