Easter 2022 this year will be on Sunday, April 17. Easter is a movable feast that falls on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25. Let us read till last to find out why Easter is so late this year? And why the Easter date changes every year and how this holiday relates to the first Full Moon of spring. But before that let us know what is Easter, its origin and etc. 

What Is Easter?

Easter is another most important feast in the Christian calendar. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after His Crucifixion. The resurrection represents the celebration of good over evil.

When Is Easter 2022?

This year, we will celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 17. However, the Eastern Orthodox Easter will take place on Sunday, April 24. 

How is Easter Sunday 2022 date determined?

Firstly, you should know that the exact date of Easter changes every year. Between March 22 to April 25, Easter always occurs on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. This year Paschal’s Full Moon is on Saturday, April 16. That is why Easter is so late this year.

Why do we have Easter Eggs?

Are you wondering how did the egg come to represent Easter? During ancient times, people across the world give each other eggs at spring festivals to mark the seasons. Easter Eggs are a symbol of new life and rebirth. This tradition continued in the Orthodox Church until today.

Easter 2022 Celebration

A week before Easter, the holy week begins. Three days before Easter are the days of Easter Triduum, Thursday, and Good Friday.

The festival is celebrated with complete enthusiasm by Christians worldwide. Everyone has their way of celebrating Easter. People visit churches and offer prayer to Jesus Christ. Easter eggs and baskets are decorated, and hunting Easter eggs are very popular among children. In places like Goa and Mizoram, street plays and folk dances are also seen as a part of the celebration.

How Can You Celebrate Easter At Home?

Due to pandemics, people like to celebrate their festivals at home. For you, we have prepared a list of ideas to celebrate Easter 2022 at home. 

Here are few Ideas for Celebrating Easter 2022 at Home

Online Church Visit 

Many churches have now made their service available online, either through live stream or a recording. If your place does not have streaming capabilities, you can online “visit” another church instead.

Wear Your Easter dress.

Easter is a great time to get dressed up. You should wear your new dress to your living room if you can not or do not want to go out. Also, you can buy an Easter dress online (if you haven’t) or at a local boutique this way you are also helping them.

Dye Easter eggs 

Kids love to play with eggs, but they also enjoy learning about how things work. So why not combine the two? All you need to do is get eggs and the colors of your choice. You can dye them with Kool-Aid Powder, and for an extra artistic look add some glitters to them. You will be surprised at how much kids enjoy this simple activity!

Plan A Egg Hunt In Backyard 

This is Kid’s favorite time for Easter. Hide the Golden Egg in the backyard, and ask the kids to find it. And as a reward, whoever finds the Golden Egg will get to pick what movie to watch together. There will be no Easter Egg Hunt this year in school, but we’ll still have fun! We’ll play games instead. We’ll watch movies together as a family.

Setting The Table 

If you have guests visiting you for Easter, then Setting The Table is one of the important things to do. You should pull out the new crockery, clean the tablecloth, and shine the silverware before setting the table for dinner. A beautiful table setting will make your guests feel welcome.

Prepare The Classic Easter Recipe

Prepare a classic Easter Sunday 2022 dinner with recipes for ham, lamb, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, and spring vegetables. The best treat will be the cakes. This year why not try baking a cake yourself and make it a new tradition.

So Happy Easter Everyone! Share your Easter 2022 stories with us through the comment section below.

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