A woman who dated a notorious serial killer had no idea of his murderous ways. Holly Eudy, who was in a relationship with Todd Kohlhepp for a decade, says she was shocked when he was arrested for murder.

“I knew there was something that didn’t sit right with me about him, but I couldn’t really put my finger on it,”  – she told Inside Edition .

Kohlhepp, a real estate agent from Spartanburg in South Carolina, US, was arrested last November after a woman he’d kidnapped was found chained by the neck inside a storage container.

After the woman was found on his 95-acre property, scores of buried bodies were uncovered.

Surviving victim Kala Brown told police that Kohlhepp had shot her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, in front of her – and that he’d buried several other people on his property.

Kohlhepp pleaded guilty to killing seven other people, including the murder of four people that had gone unsolved for 13 years. Despite his confessions, he avoided the death penalty, but was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences without parole.

Each case was high-profile and revealed a truly harrowing past. Ms Eudy described her former partner’s crimes as “sickening” and “disgusting” – but she maintains that she was unaware of his cruelty and violence.

Asked what had attracted Ms Eudy to Kohlhepp, she said: “He gave me a lot of attention, made me feel like I was important.”

Ms Eudy later learned that Kohlhepp had used money she’d loaned him to buy the storage container he used to lock up Ms Brown. He’d told her that he needed it to store supplies.
Ms Eudy said she wasn’t suspicious – even after visiting it, finding only cans and water.
Ms Brown told television host Dr Phil that she was chained up for two months and raped twice a day by Kolhhepp.

The 45-year-old murderer would reportedly brag to her about “how good” he was at killing people, and that he had murdered her boyfriend because “it was easier to control someone once you took someone they loved”.

Ms Eudy met Kohlhepp in 2006. He’d already killed four people. But she only realised that she was in potential danger when Ms Brown was filmed while being transported to hospital.



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