Woman date a scandalous serial killer unaware of his murderous ways. After a decade of dating Todd Kohlhepp Holly Eudy says she was in a shock after his arrest. Read the article till last to know why woman dates serial killer.

“I knew there was something that didn’t sit right with me about him, but I couldn’t really put my finger on it,”  – she told Inside Edition .

The police arrested Kohlhepp – a real estate agent from Spartanburg in South Carolina, US. As per sources, last November (2016) he kidnapped a woman whose dead body kept inside a storage container chained by the neck.

The woman was on his 95-acre property with several other bodies found there.


Todd’s Crime Execution

A surviving victim named Kala Brown told police about Kohlhepp. She said that he shot her boyfriend right in front of her and then he buried him. She informed the police about the several other dead bodies that were on his property burried.

Kohlhepp confessed to the killing of seven people and four other people whose cases have gone unsolved for 13 years. However, he also begged for mercy, but the court sentenced him to a life sentence for seven years without parole.

All his murders were high profile and had a truly brutal past. Holly Eudy told Todd Kohlhlepp crimes as ‘disgusting’ and ‘sickening.’ She says that she wasn’t aware of his violence and cruelty.

Asked what had attracted Ms Eudy to Kohlhepp, she said: “He gave me a lot of attention, made me feel like I was important.”

Holly Eudy also told that he loaned Todd Kohlhepp to buy the storage container in which he had locked Ms. Brown.

Ms Eudy told she did visit the place where storage was and found only cans and water. This gave her no reason to be suspicious. In a television interview Ms Brown told the host that Kohlhepp kept her two months and raped twice a day.

The 45-year-old murderer would reportedly brag to her about “how good” he was at killing people, and that he had murdered her boyfriend because “it was easier to control someone once you took someone they loved”.

Ms Eudy  met Kohlhepp in 2006. He’d already killed four people.

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