Spanish Police confirm fatalities and say they are treating incident in Spanish city as terror attack, amid local reports that armed men have entered restaurant.

A local newspaper said the driver of the white van had fled on foot after mowing down dozens of people. Some reports quoted police sources as saying the attackers are believed to be holed up in a bar. The area around the incident has been cordoned off, with several police vehicles and ambulances there; locals said they could see helicopters in the sky.

Shocking photos posted on social media shows several people being treated on the ground by paramedics.

Pictures of the van show a white vehicle with the logo of the rental company Telefurgo on its side.

Witnesses said a group were struck while crossing the street.
A taxi driver told Catalan TV station TV3:

“The van was doing zigzags knocking over everyone he could. It was shocking.”

The incident has occured at La Rambla de Catalunya, which has now been evacuated.The area is popular with tourists and is located in the heart of the Spanish city. The wounded have been referred to the various hospitals in Barcelona. Six are being treated at Hospital Clínic, two of whom have been critically injured. Six others are being treated at the Hospital del Mar.

According to our latest intel this is still an ongoing situation.